I saw the movie Serenity earlier this week. It was awesome, and I immediately ran out and bought the TV series on DVD.I went with Dani, who’d already seen it, as had most of my friends. I’m not bitter, no not at all. ;) It was incredibly awesome and I… Read More

dTrace is Awesome

I had the privilege of attending a presentation on dTrace by one of its authors: Bryan Cantrill. Bryan is a serious ubergeek and dTrace is the best thing to happen to Solaris since.. well, since I can remember. I am in awe.dTrace is insanely great. It’s a serious piece of… Read More


This past weekend was a lot of fun, but somewhat painful. I had a combined buck’s party for two friends on Friday night, spent Saturday recovering, and had a network gaming festival at my house on Sunday. Whew!Friday night was pretty cool, thanks to a loyal cadre of friends who… Read More

Paintball and Pain

The following photo really speaks for itself. He looks a lot better at this point in the day than after he’d been pelted with high velocity paint. Craig, Mattley (pictured) and a whole bunch of the rest of us went up to Moama to play paintball/skirmish for Craig’s birthday. It… Read More

Flying Spaghetti Monster Cult

The internet is a great source of information, weirdness and amusing wastes of time, like this website, but occasionally there’s something that seems to combine all three.So it is with the Flying Spaghetti Monster Cult that is rapidly gaining membership throughout the world. An outgrowth of the ability to rapidly… Read More

Duran Duration

I’m listening to a fair bit of Duran Duran lately.You know you’re getting old when most of the music you listen to was released over a decade ago. I don’t listen to the main popular radio station, though to be fair I never really did. I keep having these moments… Read More

Great Ocean Road Tour

I’m back after a week off, during which I went for a road trip down the Great Ocean Road.Not much in the way of posting tonight since I’ve just processed 400-odd photos. I’ll point out some of my favourites along with some commentary shortly. Until then, here’s a link to… Read More