Wedding Photos

I’ve uploaded the photos from Tim and Bevan’s weddings at long last. Some ok shots, some not so ok, but overall not too bad for someone who needs a lot more practice.

In processing them, I’ve started using a new program called Digikam, which is for KDE under linux. I really like the interface as it makes it quick and easy to download the photos from the camera, sort through them with an onscreen contact sheet and work out which ones I’ll keep for the website. It’s really easy to open a given shot up in Gimp and fix up the colour levels or whatever, though digikam has some built in useful features, like 90 degree rotate and similar. I used to use gqview, but that doesn’t have an inbuilt rotate function. What’s more, digikam can read the encoded EXIF tags in the shots themselves and automatically rotate the shot for the contact sheet. Very handy.

It also encouraged me to go back through some of my old shots and reminesce. I hope to create a ‘Best Of’ collection of my favourite shots one of these days, so this was good practice. There are a lot of memories in those photos, so I’m glad I took the time to take them. Sometimes you don’t want to lug a camera around with you and just enjoy the moment, but having these pictures around helps me to remember those moments. Some of them make me laugh, and some still cause me pain.

But that’s the point, isn’t it?

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