Thank God It’s Friday

Yesterday was the third day in a row that work really got to me. Happily, today is Friday so there is some respite within reach. Bring on the weekend!I worked late last night, getting home at 9pm. I don’t like working late as a general rule, since I believe that overtime indicates a lack of planning. Sometimes it can be good, such as when you’re really on a roll and actually want to keep going while you’re in the zone and being super-productive. Most of the time, in the corporate world at least, overtime means you’ve got some arbitrary deadline to meet and have to put in long hours to meet it because someone, somewhere, didn’t plan their project properly. There are lots of books about it.

I’ve been railing against the tide for a while now, and I’ve just about run out of energy. Having the same battles over and over again is really quite tiring. If I could just give up and let things slide, it’d be a lot less stressful, but I believe in doing the best job I can. Apparently this is rare.

I’ve got a long overdue holiday planned to hopefully give me a chance to recharge: snowboarding in South America. I’m leaving a few weeks too late, unfortunately, since the early stages of burnout have already kicked in.

I’ll just have to struggle through the next few weeks I suppose, catching small breaks when I can. Budding managers take heed: don’t do this to your staff. You’re not running an 18th century coal mine.

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