Plone 2 is active

The move to Plone 2 is on! I’ve managed to get the core site design migrated across to a fully templated structure as well as keeping the major stylistic conventions of the old site.I’ve updated a few minor style items that you may or may not notice. I think they add to the usability of the site, but feel free to tell me your opinion. There also appears to be a noticable speed increase from the old version, which is probably Zope related since I’ve upgraded that codebase too.

There’s been a hitch in migrating the photos from the old site to the new one, but since I managed to break them on the old site before the move, there’s nothing much new about them being effectively offline. I’ve succeeded in migrating the navigation, including the table layout within Page Templates, which is harder than it might initially seem. TAL is a bit braindead in this regard. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix the last couple of snags and get things operational again quickly. I’ve got a whole bunch of new photos to upload, so I’ll get onto that once the photo section is up and working again.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the move. It’s added a few new features to the backend that make it easier to add new content quickly. I’m looking into the standard blogging toolset for Plone, but sadly there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it. I’ll probably just end up growing my own to suit my purposes, which gives me an excuse to learn how the new codebase works under the hood.

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