Photos from Mattley’s 30th

Best. Cake. Ever.

My mate Mattley had his 30th birthday party last weekend. I’ve added my photos from the night to the photos section here. It was a really fun party, and Tricia, Matt’s girlfriend, made the best cake ever from a whole bunch of Yowies that she stuck together. Everyone had fun putting them together, but like the kids at heart we really are, we ended up having more fun playing with the packaging.

It’s all my Dad’s fault, actually. He decided to invent Yowie Egg Target Shooting after a few glasses of red. Of course, everyone joined in, making a relatively respectable restaurant somewhat less respectable, at least in the vicinity of our table. Dad was awarded Most Accurate Shot at a distance of approximately 3 metres. Mattley took the Longest Shot award though, so he didn’t leave empty handed, particularly not after scoring some serious schwag.

Congrats dude!

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