Paintball and Pain

The following photo really speaks for itself.

He looks a lot better at this point in the day than after he’d been pelted with high velocity paint. Craig, Mattley (pictured) and a whole bunch of the rest of us went up to Moama to play paintball/skirmish for Craig’s birthday. It rocked. I’m currently processing a whole bunch of the photos I took over the weekend while I wait for my legs to recover.

Apparently spending several hours crouching and running for cover through muddy bushland requires a lot of thigh muscle strength.
Muscle strength that I apparently do not possess. Sitting in a car for the few hours journey home made it very difficult to get out of the car. Walking around, let alone riding to work, was quite a challenge in this condition. I’m hoping the laptop on my lap is keeping my muscles warm enough that I’ll be able to get off the couch when I need to go to bed.

It was a great weekend away, and just what I needed. I met some great people, had some nice food and wine and had a great time doing fun stuff. What more could a guy ask for? Happy birthday Craig!

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