This past weekend was a lot of fun, but somewhat painful. I had a combined buck’s party for two friends on Friday night, spent Saturday recovering, and had a network gaming festival at my house on Sunday. Whew!Friday night was pretty cool, thanks to a loyal cadre of friends who made sure that the bucks had a good time. Bevan lasted well, but Tim wins for sheer endurance. I got home somewhere around 5am and spent most Saturday with a hangover. Not my worst, but I achieved essentially zero for the whole day. By all reports, everyone had a great night, which is what really matters, after all. With a bit of luck they’ll think twice about getting married again anytime soon.

Sunday was a gaming day at my place. Matt likes to organise one every now and then, and though I’m not as into gaming as I once was, it’s fun on the odd occasion. A bit more organisation probably wouldn’t go astray, but if you only do something once every six months, you don’t tend to develop the finely honed skills required for problem free operations. There were the usual teething problems in getting Windows to behave. What I’d give for a decent gaming standard under Linux. At least then it might be halfway stable.

Anyway, several hours of RSI inducing fragfest later, everyone buggered off and I realised just how late it was. I tried repairing whatever I managed to do to my desktop a few days earlier during an upgrade, fed the cat and collapsed into bed only to dream of taking the north ridge with a squad of Space Marines. Yikes.

I blame too much caffeine, sugar and MSG. I got to work at 7:30am, which is unheard of for me. I am not a morning person.

Ah the things we do for fun.

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