Kitten Kraziness

It would appear that Sherbet has now acclimatised to her new surroundings, since she’s now happy to explore the whole house, provided I leave the doors open. There’s an endless array of fascinating odds and ends; boxes, beanbags, cupboards, the list is endless! So many sources of joy and excitement for a young kitten.

Last night was her first attempt to sneak into my bedroom, as I’d foolishly left the door open. After about ten minutes of curtain mangling, knocking change off the dresser and walking over my head, I decided that if I wanted to get any sleep, I’d have to kick her out. She attempted to protest, but she can’t really meow yet and instead makes this odd kind of squeaking noise. No doubt she’ll end up with a plaintive meow that’s as loud as her purring.

She also can’t handle not being the centre of attention while I have dinner. She absolutely must know what I’m eating, and butts her chin against mine if I stop petting her. She apparently loves cheese, so I have to be careful if I feel like having a snack.

But she’s adorable. How could I not love her?

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