Flying Spaghetti Monster Cult

The internet is a great source of information, weirdness and amusing wastes of time, like this website, but occasionally there’s something that seems to combine all three.So it is with the
Flying Spaghetti Monster Cult
that is rapidly gaining membership throughout the world. An outgrowth of the ability to rapidly share a meme with likeminded people throughout the world, this particular concept has thrived in recent weeks, striking a chord with the leftist freaks who frequent sites such as BoingBoing.

Being a left leaning hippy freak myself, I wholeheartedly support the idea that Jesus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster may well be one and the same and that it is impossible to prove otherwise. I urge you to go forth and spread the world of the Great Meatballed One so that the great unwashed can gain insight into the futility of believing in invisible, omnipient, omniscient ghosts in the sky. Or have a chuckle. Either works for me.

In other, unrelated news, my cat is still incredibly cute and is currently nuzzling my neck as I attempt to look over her shoulder at my laptop screen; the Redbank 2003 shiraz cabernet sauvignon is not half bad at $13.95 a bottle; and I can almost walk normally after seriously straining my thigh muscles on Saturday. I also think I might have to indulge in a digital SLR in the very near future, but I’ll have to see what sort of deals I can find. I like the Nikon D70S, but I haven’t really researched them much recently. Some of my photos from the weekend are quite nice, but the added functionality of through-the-lens viewing would help my framing technique a lot.

Ah well, bedtime now, ready for yet another day of excitement in earning a living. I have to pay for catfood somehow, I suppose.

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