Festival of the Bean

Today was the Melbourne Festival of the Bean at Federation Square. This was a celebration of coffee and chocolaty goodness. As you can see, my mate Matt loves his coffee:

Not only did we get nicely hyper on caffeine and sugar, we also indulged in a variety of culture, both ancient and modern. We kicked off with some turkish music and dancing at the main stage while we sipped our lattes, then we wandered over to the Arts Centre where there was an exhibition of all things Kylie. As in the Minogue. Some of the photography was really excellent. I’m inspired to go through all my photos at some point and make a collection for printing and framing.

We followed that with a stroll through the National Gallery of Victoria on St. Kilda road where there was an exhibition of 19th Century Japanese photography. There was also an exhibition of Grotesque and Fantastic art, mostly Romantic period demons, satyrs, nymphs and the like. I was struck by how tame a lot of it seemed in comparison to the later work of H. R. Geiger and the like, though there was an excellent late period Picasso that I really liked.

Great weather, great friends and great art. What more could a guy ask for?

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