Deep House for Lost Souls

I’m currently listening to a very nice mix of deep house tunes by DJ fleep out of Tokyo. I highly recommend his site over at

For those who don’t know, house music is one of the many varieties of what was once generically called techno, also known as doofdoof or oonz music. More years ago than I care to admit, I remember it all being one and the same. Then people started to specialise in variants on the general theme of repetative electronic music to create a whole universe of sub-genres: house, trance, jungle, deep house, happy house, acid trance, the list goes on.

House is what you’ll find at the mainstream dance clubs or on the radio. Think Outside by George Michael. Trance is exactly what you think it is: repetative, simple, easy to fall into a trance to. Jam&Spoon are a good example. Deep house is somewhere between the two and happens to be my preferred style these days. Think Cafe del Mar or the Ministry of Sound Chillout Album series.

Link via MetaFilter.

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