Mario Unleashed

Yet another example of why the internet is better than TV. Check out this video . It’s a few highschool kids from the US playing a medly of the songs from Super Mario Bros. on a Marimba and drums. As a recovering percussionist, it’s awesome to see something that would… Read More

Hell Is Other People

I nearly cracked the sads and left work mid-afternoon today. I was doing my usual ‘extremely polite email responses to complete idiocy’ trick, where the more annoyed I am, the more polite and urbane the language I use in email. I get quite formal, in fact. I have single-handedly made… Read More

Wedding Photos

I’ve uploaded the photos from Tim and Bevan’s weddings at long last. Some ok shots, some not so ok, but overall not too bad for someone who needs a lot more practice. In processing them, I’ve started using a new program called Digikam, which is for KDE under linux. I… Read More

We Will Remember Them

Today is Rememberance Day. I know a few people who’ve served in Vietnam, Korea and similar places. My grandfather worked in the Airforce as a mechanic during WWII. I have heard many a tale of bravery, camaraderie and shenanigans when on leave. The stories I’ve been told have almost exclusively… Read More

The Work of Two Men

Whew. It’s been a long week so far. I’m covering for a colleague who’s away this week, on his honeymoon, the bastard. ;) We’re both normally up to our elbows in alligators, but with only the one of me doing the work of two, it’s been a struggle. I’ve fallen… Read More

Site Upgrade

Whew! I’ve just spent many hours migrating the site to a new spanky install of Zope and Plone. It’s mostly the same look and feel, but with funky new features, like: A better blogging interface that makes it easier for me to add entries, and easier for people to find… Read More

Calvin & Hobbes

Huzzah! My freshly minted The Complete Calvin & Hobbes arrived yesterday. Three heavy, lovingly bound volumes of comic goodness. Excellent! There’s a foreword by Bill Watterson that explains some of the history of how the comic came to be, some if its trials and tribulations through the years, and how… Read More

Tabulate This

This is a rant about people who don’t know how to create easy to use document templates and forms. These people make my life difficult, and must be punished.There is a certain class of individual in the business world who spend their days creating new and interesting ways to write… Read More

Nice Rack!

I now have a 19 inch rack in my study. Hooray!My mate Bevan is getting his house renovated and no longer needed the rack, since he’s building a custom computer cupboard as part of the construction work. I’m also going to be hosting the corporate web/email/etc server that was at… Read More